Magic Item Creation Rules

Magic Items

Magic items are meant to be special equipment that grows with characters, has stories and ads to the narrative story as much as other key pieces of the setting. To account for this I have heavily modified how magic item creation and growth will occur.

Base Rules Changes

Unlike in normal pathfinder, magic items are not enchanted but created, either thru extraordinary crafting, or by being used for extraordinary deeds. This means that the magic item creation feats do not work as stated in the rulebook. With the new system any craftsmen with the proper tools, skill or crafting materials can make magic items, provided that they have the proper knowledge (formula) for the enchantments that they wish to place into an item when they craft it. The various craft magic item feats no longer grant the ability to make items, but instead give a +5 bonus to crafting magic items of that type, and allow the character the ability to research and learn new formulas. The prerequisites for magic item creation feats are now as follows:

Feat Prerequisite
Brew Potion Caster Level 3rd and Craft (Alchemy) 3 ranks
Craft Magic Weapons* Craft(weapon) 5 ranks or Craft(bow) 5 ranks
Craft Magic Armor* Craft(armor) 5 ranks
Craft Rod Spellcraft 9 ranks and Knowledge Arcane 9 ranks or Knowledge Religion 9 ranks or Knowledge Nature 9 ranks
Craft Staff Spellcraft 11 ranks and Knowledge Arcane 11 ranks or Knowledge Religion 11 ranks or Knowledge Nature 11 ranks
Craft Wand Caster Level 5th, Spellcraft 5 ranks and Knowledge Arcane 5 ranks or Knowledge Religion 5 ranks or Knowledge Nature 5 ranks
Craft Wondrous Item Spellcraft 3 ranks and Knowledge Arcane 3 ranks or Knowledge Religion 3 ranks or Knowledge Nature 3 ranks
Forge Ring Spellcraft 7 ranks and Craft(Jewelry) 7 ranks
Scribe Scroll Caster Level 1st and Linguistics 1 rank

*Craft Magic Arms and Armor has been divided into 2 separate feats

Magic Formulas

While a master craftsmen can make a basic magic item with enough trial and error, adding specific properties or making items of increasing power levels takes knowledge of each specific attribute. This knowledge can be researched (learned thru trial and error, combining varies magic elements), formulas can be found (once a smith discovers how to add fire to a weapon he my guard the secret, but he also could create a book describing the various methods he tried and how they worked) and used to guide item creation, or lastly can be taught by a master. Depending on the uniqueness of the item, or its complexity, the formula can be vague and forgiving (adding “flaming” could be theoretically done with any fire component and no cold or water components, while a sun sword could require a crystal shard from the eternal fire of the plane of light). Found, learned or researched formulas will be added to the party’s Known Formulas page and tagged with which members (or if it is a tome) have access to it. Tomes are not magic items, so could be copied, sold or passed around and are not consumed (unless you royally fuck up and get the book destroyed) when used.

Magical components

While the proper craftsmen could turn regular steel into a magic sword, the same craftsmen could, using rare magical elements create a much more powerful item. In game terms, materials of magical means will be shown on loot pages with a (&) ampersand. For more information, the party will have to either make the appropriate knowledge check, or research what properties (if any) an item has. For example, the scales of a red dragon once identified could have the protection and fire qualities. Some materials may have no additional qualities outside of just being magic.

Items Becoming Magic

Do you not (have/want to use) skill points to gain crafting skills? Fret not, there are examples of items being used for long periods of time, or in extraordinary endeavors gaining power and abilities.

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Magic Item Creation Rules

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