House Rules

Starting Rules

Critical hit/fumble cards

We will be using the critical hit/fumble cards for combat. These cards require you to confirm your hit/miss. Only PCs, companions (such as cohorts or animal companions) and powerful NPCs will use the cards, all other combatants (mooks, hirelings, summoned monsters etc.) will simply use the damage multiplier of the attack.

Dice on the table

All dice must be rolled on the table, dice that fall off will be re-rolled.

Rules Calls

If you disagree with a rule, please look it up and show me if I am wrong, while we will not retroactively change from the initial ruling, we will adhere moving forward so we can keep the intended rules balance.

Additional Books

While I will not let in additional books as a whole, feel free (after character creation) to discuss with me various feats, spells etc from other pathfinder books you would like, to include story explanations and I will try my best to work with you to get them into the game.

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House Rules

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