Fairy Oak


Fairy Oak is a small village located on the edge of the Wending Woods. While it is home to less than 200 people, its location along the Lumid River and Freyman’s Road make it a much busies place then most sleep villages. While oddly, no inn has been built (attempts have been made but some travesty always befalls the construction) there is a sizable campground on the out skirts and the town center, a large park with an ancient oak tree stretching over it, is filled with benches, tables, braziers and has ale served to it by one of the nearby houses. The townsfolk swear that, on nights when a great story is being told, or a player of great skill plies their trade, from the corner of your eye you can see the fae folk sitting in the branches listening.

Important Places

Barkin’s Goods

Located near the central oak, Barkin’s Goods is the only shop in town. Run by Barkin, this shop has been in his family for generations, and while it keeps a good stock of common items, Barkin has an eye for a deal and tends to come across some interesting things from the various travelers. Also, due to the villages location and Barkin’s skill, this may be the best supplied general store outside of any major city in the region.

The Rusted Oar and Spoke

Opened recently by village standards (some 15 years ago) The Rusted Oar and Spoke is a cartwright and barge repair yard located outside of town where the Lumin River and Freyman’s Road are closest. The yard employes 2-3 skilled craftsmen who came from Harmony along with a dozen local wood cutters and laborers. Unlike the rest of the town, The Rusted Oar and Spoke is not owned by a local, but was set up by an enterprising noble house from Harmony, the Relgant Family.

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Fairy Oak

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