Tag: Magic Item


  • Amulet of Flowing Shields

    This Magical Amulet was given to [[:ketan | Ketan]] by [[:master-lee | Master Lee]] upon the beginning of his training outside of the temple. Hanging from a simple iron chain, this metalic amulet looks as if a number of small shields that flow as water. …

  • Keyhole Gem

    This Clear crystal when placed up against any surface less than 2 ft thick and not lead lined allows anyone to see into the following room. The viewer sees into the room as if looking thru a keyhole one inch diameter.

  • Ancient Shield

    This ancient shield is made of Bronze and Iron, but is considered a heavy steel shield. It is a +1 shield that gives the wielder resistance 2 acid.

  • Crusader's Symbol

    This Holy Symbol of Bhrondir was crafted for [[:dogrym | Dogrym Bhronson]] while he was learning the ways of Bhrondir. Hammered from broken weapons and armor taken from an ancient battlefield this crude looking amulet radiates a small amount of Bhrondir' …

  • Duelist's Bracers

    Found by [[:paldric-orensen | Paldric Orensen]] during his journey south in a desolate and forgotten fort, these heavy bracers where crafted with some unknown leather that while old, is yet to lose its bright blue hue. These bracers give the wearer +1 …

  • Rod of Final Rest

    Naofa found this carved bone rod among the debris in an abandoned shrine deep in the forest. The rod allows the wielder to, as a standard action cast Disrupt Undead. Additionally once per day, the wearer can cast cure light wounds as if they where a …