Tag: Fairy Oak


  • Tallrin

    Tallrin is the village elder (some 80 winters) and acts as the mayor handling day to day issues that the town has. He has lived in Fairy Oak his entire life and owned a moderately successful tannery in his younger days.

  • Jeth Barkin

    Jeth Barkin is the owner of the only store in [[Fairy Oak | Fairy Oak]]. He is in his early 40s and has a wife and 5 children. He is considered the most successful member of the community, and his willingness to always help out has ingratiated him to …

  • Russo Shipwright

    Russo is not a native to Fairy Oak. Bought in by the [[Relgant Family |Relgant Family]] to run the Rusted Oar and Spoke when it was constructed nearly 10 years ago. While he lives in the village he interacts normally only in an official business …